It’s difficult to deny the importance of a wedding anniversary. Remembering that special day with flowers can mean so much, as can the meanings behind the flowers given. Here is quick guide to showing how much you care and how to say it with flowers.

1st Anniversary – Carnations. Some florists would suggest gifting carnations as a first anniversary flower because they represent immediate and lasting love. A hardy little flower that derives from the Greek words “divine” and “love,” the carnation represents deep love and affection. However, other florists might suggest recreating the floral bouquet or arrangement present at the original ceremony as a way to kindle fond memories.

2nd Anniversary – Cosmos. Embarking on a life-long adventure together, the cosmos is the second anniversary flower representing a deepening connection and a transformative time for any couple.

3rd Anniversary – Sunflowers. With radiant petals stretching and growing outward from a strong root and stalk system, the sunflower is represents growth from a strong foundation. The sunny nature of this flower represents a clear trust between partners and desire to grow together as these flowers grow best when grouped together. Also, make sure you check out this article about flower delivery – how to keep them fresh and make them last longer.

4th Anniversary – Geraniums. Geraniums rare often gifted on the fourth wedding anniversary as the petals are full of surprising colors and textures but still with a beauty that still recognizable, much like the bond of any couple entering their 4th wedding anniversary.

5th Anniversary – Daisy. The beauty of the daisy can be found upon closer inspection, much like bond of any couple who have been together for any number of years. The daisy represents beauty, fidelity, and hope.

6th Anniversary – Calla Lily. The calla lily is sophisticated elegance and represents those qualities for the 6th wedding anniversary. in particular, purple calla lilies represent passion.

7th AnniversaryFreesia Fragrant, colorful and exotic in appearance, this unique flower is given on the 7th anniversary to remember the strong friendship of a couple whose union is blossoming in the same way.

8th Anniversary – Lilac. Symbolizing the first emotions of love, magenta lilacs are often given on the 8th anniversary as a reminder to rekindle the passion of hobbies, love, and events, that first brought the couple together.

9th Anniversary – Bird of Paradise. This exotic flower represents adventure and when given on the 9th wedding anniversary can remind couples to look forward to all the adventures yet to come in their union.

10th Anniversary – Daffodil. When given on the 10th wedding anniversary, this happy flower is a reminder to look back on all the bright and shining moments of growth and discovery experienced together throughout the years.

15th Anniversary – Roses. There is no flower more iconic than the red rose, and for the 15th wedding anniversary it serves as reminder to stoke and remember the passion that first brought the couple together.

20th Anniversary – Aster The “star flower” or aster, represents the wisdom and knowledge obtained by the couple who are their 20th year together.

25th Anniversary – Iris. Signifying royalty after 25 years together, the iris is given as a gift to signify that the couple still hold one another above all others.